Why Bunch O Balloons?
Just Connect to Any Water Supply and Turn On Water!
Makes Water Balloons easy!
Bunch O Balloons fills 35 balloons in just seconds and they are instantly sealed and ready to go!
Great for Boys & Girls!
Bunch O Balloons makes the perfect gift for boys & girls and they also make the perfect gift or party favor for any occasion.
Great for Picnics & Outdoor  Family Fun!
Bunch O Balloons is great for picnics, pool parties & Summertime fun.
Unbelievably Fast and Easy!

Bunch O Balloons is the ultimate way to make water balloons! Fill over one hundred water balloons in just seconds with this ready to go bunch of self-tying water balloons and blast the competition out of the water. Simply follow three easy steps to forget the mess and stress of filling water balloons: connect the attachment to a water source, fill the balloons and see them self-tie to make over 100 water balloons in seconds.

You can get Bunch O Balloons today for just $14.99 plus $1.99 shipping and handling. 

Each Bunch fills 35 Balloons and you’ll get 3 Bunches - that’s 105 Balloons!! Hurry because this offer won't last long!

LAUNCH SPECIAL - shipping discounted from $2.99 to $1.99
+ $1.99 P&H